Golf Season is Upon Us

This is another great year for golfers to get things going on the PGA Tour. Who will win the majors? Who will win the championship at the end? These matches are a long way away so let’s look at some other events.

How about the Masters?

The first major of the year always brings excitement with one of the most famous championships in the world. Each April in Augusta, GA the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. Or should we say birdies. There is a ton of speculation each year leading up to this event.

This year there is plenty of speculation if Tiger Woods can do it again. He made history with his amazing performance last year. You can never count out the best golfer in the world. Even though he is older and not as strong his mind will still keep him in it every time.

How does one bet on the Masters? You have multiple ways you can do it. You can pick particular golfers you think might win with some great odds. Some of these odds will pay off big time but only if you are super lucky.

You can get into a 3-ball champion amongst three different players. You can select who will beat who heads up and much much more. You can also pick who will have the best scores for that day.

Where to Bet?

You can learn all about betting on sports in the USA at They’ve taken the US market and really helped people get started. You can place bets at sites like and

Once you have your account set up you can start to look at other tournaments throughout the year. Although we like the defending champions in our list each week, we find it extremely difficult for those people to repeat.

If you see a player playing really well in the past few tournaments add them to your bet slip. Usually, the Masters bring in some serious competition but there is a mix of old-timers. You can find a diamond once in a while to take you all the way,

Studying the Field

Each year rookies join the tour while others leave it. Try to find players that were doing well elsewhere and never sleep on the Europeans. If they played recently in the States and have faired well then you should consider these people.

The favorites. Usually not the best bets. They seem to always falter when the hype is on the line. Will Phil take the Green Jacket or will Rory make his move this year? Who knows? Sometimes it’s best to risk it on names you never heard of.

When finished just make sure you are having fun and not wasting money. Betting is serious so don’t fool around with it.